Tieguanyin – “iron guanyin” – oolong tea, referring to turquoise (qing cha) teas. It takes an honorable place in the list of ten famous teas in China. For its production, the most mature leaves of the tea tree are used, which have absorbed all the valuable substances and which take much longer to ripen, and fermentation adds a bright, rich taste and aroma. Tea Tie Guanyin has a large amount of macro and micro elements, so it has a pleasant calming effect, while not leading to overexcitation of nerve endings.

It is recommended to brew Tie Guanyin with 80-85 degrees water, the brewing time is 50 seconds, each subsequent brewing is increased by 10 seconds. Tea can withstand up to 5-6 infusions. When used by the spill method, the brew time is 30 seconds to 1 minute. Quantity: up to 5 straits. Traditionally, preheated earthenware or porcelain dishes are best suited for consumption. Like most teas, it is advisable to “rinse” it – drain the first infusion after 10-20 seconds of brewing.

Like other types of tea , Tieguanyin absorbs all the surrounding aromas, so for its storage it is better to choose a dark, cool place and pick up a container with a tight adjoining cover, air access must be strictly limited.

Tie Guanyin has a calming and relaxing effect, so drinking this drink in the evening is especially pleasant. Regular consumption helps to improve digestion, soothes the central nervous system, relieves fatigue.

Color: turquoise. Aroma: floral.

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