Sheng Puerh Bin Cha is a post-fermented tea. The tea has undergone a natural microbial fermentation process. The harvested tea leaves age over several years. The production history goes back more than seven hundred years. Over the years, it only gets better, softer, bitterness disappears and new taste qualities appear.

It is recommended to brew Shu Puer with water of 95-100 degrees, the first two brews should be infused for 5-10 seconds, with subsequent brews, the infusing time should be increased by 15-20 seconds. Puer can withstand up to 4 brews. When used in infusions,tea can withstand up to three infusions. Traditionally, warmed-up porcelain dishes are best. Like most teas, Puer is desirable to “wash” – drain the first infusion in a few seconds.

Unlike other teas, it is advisable to store shen puerh tea not in an airtight package and not forgetting that tea absorbs all surrounding aromas, therefore it is better to choose a dark place and room temperature for storing it.

Sheng Puerh has an “invigorating effect” and is not recommended for use before bedtime. It also has a beneficial effect on the entire body. The more “mature” the tea, the more useful properties it has.

Color: yellow, light, transparent. Aroma: fresh, fruity.
One of the ten famous teas in China.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 5 cm

White tea

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Sheng Puerh

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