Longjing – Dragon Well is included in the list of ten famous teas in China and rightfully takes first place. The production takes place by hand, as only the two top leaves are used. Harvesting takes place in early spring, at the end of March, beginning of April, at this time the young shoots are especially tender, due to which the tea has a special color, sweet taste, and a pleasant fresh aroma. Roasting is an especially important process that is kept in relative secrecy and only the very best craftsmen are allowed to do so. Tea contains vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, and due to the large amount of trace elements, regular consumption has a positive effect on the entire body.

It is recommended to brew Longjing with water of 80 degrees, the brewing time is 30 seconds, each subsequent brewing is increased by 5 seconds, but not longer than one minute. Dragon well tea can withstand up to 5-7 infusions. The use of the spill method is considered optimal. It is also allowed to use infusion, the time should not exceed 3 minutes. Heated glassware is best suited for consumption; glassware for brewing.

Like other types of tea , Longjing absorbs all the surrounding aromas, so for its storage it is better to choose a dark, cool place and pick up a container with a tight-fitting cover, air access must be strictly limited.

Longjing is considered morning tea, it perfectly tones and energizes, puts the mind in order.

Color: yellow-green. Aroma: floral.

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