Dian Hong is the land of Dian red tea. According to the Chinese classification – red tea, according to the European – black. A relatively young high quality tea, its distinctive feature is the presence of golden buds. The production process is very complex with a lot of technical nuances. A key feature is the use of the first two leaves and unopened buds. Tea gives a unique feeling of warmth and comfort, it is especially pleasant to use in the cold season, in the warm season it removes thirst very well. Regular use helps to strengthen the immune system, relieves the course of colds. Recommended for people with kidney problems.

It is recommended to brew Dian Hong with 90 degrees water, the brewing time is 30 seconds, each subsequent brewing is increased by 10 seconds. Tea can withstand up to 5-6 infusions. When used by the spill method, the brew time is 30 seconds to 1 minute. Quantity: up to 5 straits. Traditionally, it is best to use heated earthenware or porcelain dishes, glass for brewing, in order to better control the process. Like most teas, it is advisable to “rinse” it – drain the first infusion after 10-20 seconds of brewing.

Like other types of tea , Dian Hong absorbs all the surrounding aromas, so for its storage it is better to choose a dark, cool place and pick up a container with a tight adjoining cover, air access must be strictly limited.

Dian Hong is best consumed in the morning, as it is able to tone up. Regular consumption improves digestion, activates the central nervous system, relieves fatigue.

Color: red, black. Aroma: warmth.

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Weight 50 g
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