Da hong pao refers to Oolong. The collection takes place once a year, at the beginning of may, and only the first four sheets are put into production. The origin of Dahongpao is shrouded in legends, and we will not delve into them. Da hong pao tea is famous all over the world for its taste. But in addition to them, tea has a rich set of useful substances, and is often used in medicine, some legends just give a reference to the medicinal properties of this tea.

Da hong pao recommended water 95-100 degrees, the first infusion is recommended to withstand up to 10 seconds each subsequent increasing by 10 seconds, the maximum time up to 1 minute. Tea can withstand up to 5-7 brews. Traditionally, warmed-up porcelain dishes are best. Like most teas, Da hong pao is desirable to “wash” – drain the first infusion in a few seconds.
The second option is to cook. First, the leaves are soaked, then mix two-thirds of the water with one-third of the tea and put on the fire. As soon as the first bubbles appear-signs of boiling, you need to drain half of the water and add clean water, bring to a boil, boil from 20 seconds to two minutes. Then let it brew for two minutes. The drink is ready.

Like other types of tea, Oolong absorbs all the surrounding aromas, so it is better to choose a dark cool place to store it and choose a container with a tight-fitting lid.

Da hong pao refers to “morning” teas, it tones, clears the mind. The use of Dahongpao can cause tea intoxication, which has nothing to do with alcohol, it causes relaxation and peace.

Color: chocolate red. Aroma: saturated, chocolate.

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